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– The costumer will be provided a booking request in PDF format by email.
– A booking will be completed after a deposit of 15% – amount predetermined in the booking forms – on the bank account listed on the booking.
– The remainder of the costs have to be transferred 8 weeks before start of the trekking.
– Included in the booking request is an itinerairy and a list of materials and services included and excluded in the price mentioned.
– In order to make the necessary arrangements every person on this trekking needs to send a copy of his/her passport and a passport-size photo to the email address mentioned.
– The cancellation policy is applied as provided on this site.
Price Includes
– Transfer to trek-head at start of trek.
– Local airfares
– Camping trek: as per itinerary with camp equipment, food, and camp staff; Staff insurance and equipment while on trek; Conservation Area fee
– Peak Trekking: Climbing Permit; Climbing Sherpas; Necessary ropes and climbing materials (see in/excluding list for specific trekking).

Price does not include
– Your international airfare, visa fee for Nepal, and international airport tax
– Airport transfers and hotels/meals in Kathmandu
– Personal insurance and emergency/rescue evacuation (Required)
– Personal trekking and (if required) climbing gear including sleeping bag, appropriate clothing (see in/excluding list for specific trekking)
– Meals unless otherwise indicated on itinerary
– Tips and gratuities, and expenses of personal nature
– Water, Beer, cold drinks and Hard drinks

Personal Equipment on peak trekkings:
Participants have to bring the following equipment:

– Cramptons
– Harness
– Plastic mountaineering boots or ‘System’ boots (for example, Scarpha Vega or Kochlafs)
– 4 Season Sleeping Bag.
– Sleeping matrass
The following expedition materials will be provided by our agency:

– Ice Axe
– 2 x Tape slings
– 2 x Screwgate Karabiners
– Ascender / Abseil Device
– scender
– Prussic Loops


Simple hikes or short trekkings. Suited for travelers with normal health and condition. Hikes may last up to 5 hours. Easy terrain with modest ascends/descends.


Hikes in more alpine terrain, up to 4000 meter. Days of up to 6 hours walking and ascends/descends to 800 meter.


Trekkings for the more experienced hikers. Trails run hight into alpine terrain, though no technical experience is necessairy. Slippery and rocky terrain will be encountered. Ascends and descends over 1000 meter per day possible. A good physical condition is recommended.


Next to high altitude (over 5000 meter), difficult terrain and long dayhikes, snow and ice areas may be encountered. Experience in this terrain is very welcome, but not necessairy.


This level is for those with technical alpine experience and (above) average physical condition. Glaciers will be encounted, ropes may be needed. Wilderness camping will be very often needed.


The country has been in a slow motion death spiral for more than a decade and, with the failure to finalize a new constitution (even after years of extensions), the country is in limbo. For the short and medium term with the blatant corruption and complete lack of morality displayed by virtually all politicians the country is doomed to utter mediocrity.
Currently the economy is kept alive by remittances from overseas (approximately 10% of the population is working overseas) as industry is not developing here. Inflation is running at around 7-15%; the unemployment rate is horrifying, and the list of serious flaws goes on. Administratively everything is blocked by politicians, and the chance of reviving democratic local government at the district level, and at the very important VDC (Village Development Committee) level in the near term is zero.
Even the unbiased International Crisis group says the political parties are badly run and ideologically impoverished organisations with few policy goals, unclear agendas and chronic leadership crises.

What this means for the tourist? Expect occasional disturbances and strikes but normally these don’t have too much effect on trekking plans.
High Altitude Warning

Safety is a major consideration during all our trekkings. Extreme altitude, weather changes, cold and other mountaineering hazards may enforce a guide to change an itinerairy to ensure safety. All trekking participants need to be aware of these dangers and accept a trekking guide making decisions for the safety of the crew and costumers.
Mountaineering in Nepal

Mountaineers first travelling in Nepal may find it shocking to see that mountaineering in the Himalayas does not always resemble mountaineering in western areas, like the Rocky Mountains or Swiss Alps. Though nepali mountainguides are getting more and more acquainted with western alpine methods, often one will see porters and tourists passing snowy glaciers without rope, and see porters risking their lives traversing steep slopes unaided.
Where possible Nepal Heritage Treks will take its responsibility to teach its crew about improving safety.

Cancellation Policy:

A Notice of cancellation has to be send by the client by email. The refund procedure will be as follows:

Cancellation rule for Trekking/hiking

Cancellation at least 57 before departure date: 15% cancellation will be charged (the prepayment).
Cancellation 56 – 43 days before departure date: 25% cancellation will be charged.
Cancellation 42 – 29 days before departure date: 35% cancellation will be charged.
Cancellation 28 – 22 days before departure date: 40% cancellation will be charged.
Cancellation 21 – 15 days before departure date: 50% cancellation will be charged.
Cancellation 14 – 8 days before departure date: 75% cancellation will be charged.
Cancellation 7 – 0 days before departure date: no refund shall be provided.

No refund will be made to clients who drop out from the journey regardless of whatever portions remain unused in the itinerary.

Cancellation rule for Peak Climbing

The cost of climbing permits already purchased is/are not refundable.
For the remaining amount regulations are applied as mentioned above

Cancellation rule for Air ticket purchase

Airline rules will be applied.
A service charge of 15 usd or equivalent will also be added on cancellation.

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