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Education for Nepal

Nepal is one of the underdeveloped countries and the avereage living standard of most people of this country is below the poverty line. As in many other under-developed countries, Nepal also has problems of child labor, lack of education , poverty and other child-related problems. More than 90% of people can’t send their child to boarding schools and they are sent to government schools. The education provided at government schools is comparatively very bad. But poor people have no alternative to chose then the government school to send their child for education and even they can’t afford to buy necessary stationary, uniforms and other school supplies that are required for their child’s education. The result is the inability to further their education which means they will continue to live in poverty.With the aim to serve child education and comunity development support, this official charity name, Rasuwa Children Foundation Nepal, a non-profit charity/organization was founded by Mr. Dawa Tamang, a trained social worker.
The mission of this organiation is to give educational support to the destitute children and students studying in governement schools and to give the community developmental support. Besides that the organization is achieving the folowing objectives:

1. To locate poor, helpless and orphan children within the kingdom of Nepal and provide them with an education.
2. To provide vocational training.
3. To provide community support.
4. To establish relationship with domestic and foreign donors to raise funds in order to fulfill the above objectives.
5. To arrange hostels and home to provide care and support to the children.

Rasuwa children foundation nepal believes that many individuals and groups, that know and love Nepal, are looking for ways to help the country develop and it is clear that good education for childrena and community developments are the major factors in achieving the long term sustainable development of the country.

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Teacher and Students

As a compassionate company, Dawa’s Nepal Trek takes an active part in working to help underprivileged children.

Our chosen founder charity is the Rasuwa Children Foundation Nepal (RCF-Nepal), a project set up in 2008 to teach children from the most deprived and impoverished backgrounds.

RCF-Nepal was established because so many children in Nepal live on the streets and are forced to beg, steal or do menial work. Ohters are explited as slaves or domestic labourers. Concern over these issues led RCF-Nepal to set up schools for these children as well as an orphanage, where some of the youngsters have been taken off the streets and are now able to lead dignified and happy lives.

RCF-Nepal has a network of international supporters and benefactors but is a constant struggle to obtain sufficient funds to keep all parts of the project running For this reason , Dawa’s Nepal Trek has pledged to donate 10 per cent of all profits to RCF-Nepal.

Soon, in addition to enjoying the experience of a lifetime on your trek you can rest assured that many deserving children will benefit from your holiday!

Textbook Distribution

General donations of any amount, no matter how small, are also most welcome. Such donations go into a general fund to assist with providing extra health care, extra curricular activities, vacation and funding the RCF-Nepal’s own home.

We thank you for your time and interest in this charity. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the RCF-Nepal charity.

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